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The twin island of Adang-Rawi

The twin island of Adang-Rawi is located on the southwest about 40 kilometers from Tarutao Island, about 60 kilometers from Satun province. This area not only includes the two twin islands but also includes the islands of Li Pae Island, Hin-ngam island, Ngam island, Tong island, Hin son island and Jabang island. Most of these islands are rich with the marine life under the ocean. All tourist can find various species of coral reefs. The most favorite points for diving and snorkeling to enjoy the coral reef is at Jabang island in this location the tourists can find seven different colors of flower like corals .The white sandy beach is suitable for those who seek to swim and not deep snorkeling. Adang Island is located in the Tarutao National Park Protection area.

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Rawi island
The twin island of Adang island is Rawi island which is located about one kilometre apart. On this island tourists can find long white sandy beach and crystal clear water. The naturally unseen is wonderful and one will not believe their own eyes that this kind of beauty can be found on planet Earth. Once tourists put on the snorkel they then find the beauty of the underwater marine life which includes coral reefs, colourful fish and various colours of sea fans. Tourists will enjoy the natural beauty of unforgettable scenery and will fall in love with this beautiful Rawi Island


Activities on the twin island of Adang and Rawi

  • Swim on Adang island
  • Rock climbing at Chado cliff and visit the Pha Chado on Adang island
  • Diving and snorkelling on Rawi island
  • Diving and snorkelling on Jabang island

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