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Hin Ngam island/Koh Hin Ngam (beautiful rock island)

If you look upon the Southwest side of Adang Island there is a small island that is full of beautiful and unusual looking rocks of all different kinds of shape on the rocky beach. This rock is more beautiful when the light shines on them. The tourist can lay or line up all these rock in different kind of shape or style and make a wish. Some do believe that their prayers will be answered, some believe that the more one can pile up the rock as high the wish will most likely be fulfilled. On the other hand if one collects the rocks from this beach to take home those will have some bad luck occur in their life as well

Acitivities on Hin Ngam island
  • Pile up some rock to bright good wishes for prosperity in life
  • Diving and snorkelling in the back of an island
  • Enjoy beautiful shiny and unique rocks as well as photograph

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