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The wondered place, the home of many bays and the land of prisoners in the past
When you hear the name Tarutao how many know that this place is more than one island but many that you must see and visit. The original word of ‘Tarutao’ was gradually changed from ‘Talotera’ in Malay, which means having many bays. The history of Tarutao is interesting and goes back to the year 1896 when the state ordered the Corrections Department to search for a new location to build a penal colony that year. This land was found to be the perfect location because its isolation and forbidding environment. Even though is an open prison escape was a disheartening prospect due to the location which made Tarutao an ideal prison camp. This amazing island has more stories that await you to discover upon your visit.

Pante Malaka/Ao pante
It’s a white sandy beach; the sand on this beach is like powder. It’s soft and makes a noise when you step on it. There is a tourist service where tourists can register to stay, a restaurant, and one area is designated as a natural history of Tarutao Island exhibition as well as a shrine of Tarutao. A statue of King Rama V faces the wide range of the open ocean. This location also has an excellent sunset view point.

To Bhu View point
It’s a panoramic view of an island in the national waters between the two countries Thailand and Malaysia. Tourists shouldn’t miss this amazing location on the wonderous and amazing Tarutao Island

Tarutao...our love never will be old
For those who have visited this amazing island many times before they have found that there are always more amazing places waiting to be discovered. In the south of the island is a location that is full of romance which presently includes a concrete road built to accommodate all visitors of the wondrous and amazing Tarutao Island

Accommodation on Tarutao Island
A bungalow along the beach would be ideal of all the accommodation offered by the national park, as it is clean as well as a good ambience, surrounded by the forest and harmony with the song of the waves from the ocean.

How to make a reservation for accommodation offered by the national park office   
More information will be available on the web site of

Activities on Tarutao Island

  • Snorkel with all various colourful fish at Ao son
  • Bird watching and nature walk
  • Cycling on an island
  • Rock climbing at Pha To Bhu
  • Visit Jorakae cave (crocodile island) by Long tail Boat
  • Canoeing
  • Sightseeing on the road around the island
  • Nature walk and walk through the history path of Tarutao
  • Wildlife watching at night

Koh Lipe Map Railway to Koh Lipe

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