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Muko Phetra-Bulon


The place for selective person

This Muko (the group of islands) Mu Ko Phetra National Park is located on the Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. The sampan shaped national park is covered along the coastline (beach) of the two provinces of Trang and Satun. Most of the area is a mountainous with steep mountains with the plains in the valleys as well as beautiful beaches. There are many small islands in the area namely Phetra island/Ko Petra, Lidi island/Ko Lidi, Bulon island/Ko Bulon, Khaoyai island/Ko Khaoyai, Lalobantae island, Lao Liang island and Perama island.

Bulone island/Ko Bulone
This island offers tourists clean white sandy beaches and crystal clear water suitable for those who wish to swim along with diving and snorkelling which is also great. Due to the natural cool air on this island there is no need for air conditioning in the resort or hotel. Here it offers the tourist a beautiful sunset.

Activities on Phetra National Park

  • Relax on Bulon island
  • Relax on Nun Bay
  • Boat to Lidi island

Koh Lipe Map Railway to Koh Lipe

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