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Enjoy shopping in Satun


Most visitors will grab something when their visit places. These might be the culture of all visitor, various choice for those who visit Satun province some might think of across the border to shop in Langawi island which can also be possible while the other might think of the border town like Wangprachan is can offer they need as well, but other tourist might enjoy supporting the local product with might be the best choice of all

How to get to all different shopping destinations:

Wangprachan border is located in Kuandon district, from Satun town use the highway number 406 travel for 19 kilometers, turn right to travel on 4148 for another 20 kilometers to the destination or by the local bus which will offer the service of 30 baht from Satun town. If those tourist who have a desire to travel for another 20 kilometers from Wangprachan border it will be another border town of Badang Besa. The border will open from 07am to 18:00pm

Koh Lipe Map Railway to Koh Lipe

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