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Come to visit Wangsaithong Waterfall


Escape from the warmth to relax at Wangsaithong waterfall. There are several levels of water fall the beautiful architect that created by nature. There are many giant trees provide the cool environment for all visitor suitable for relaxation. The southern local fruit orchards can be found in this area as well includes Langsat, Mangosteen, Longon, Rambutan and Durian

Enjoy river rafting at Wangsaithong
The main river of the original water source of Pakbara contains clean water. Most visitors enjoy floating along this beautiful river and can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river which is rich with big trees and all different species of plants. There will also be various species of birds found along the route which will sing for tourists along the way creating an enjoyable and peaceful trip.

Koh Lipe Map Railway to Koh Lipe

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